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Caution: Spoilers ahead for El Camino

When is each El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie flashback set in relation to the wider timeline of the TV line? The highly-anticipated Breaking Bad movie premiered on Netflix earlier this month to a mainly positive festivity, heralded as a fitting epilogue to one of the greatest television series of all time.

El Camino is set in the immediate consequence of Breaking Bad’s final chapter and focuses on Jesse Pinkman as he attempts to escape the authorities and start a new life away from the mess created by Walter White in “Felina.” Generally speaking, El Camino is a sequel to Breaking Bad that takes place in the days following the conclusion of the original story, however, Vince Gilligan shapes radical usage of flashback strings in order to provide new framework to the characters and reintroduce some familiar faces without resurrecting anyone from the dead.

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Unlike El Camino’s main story, these flashbacks aren’t presented in any sort of chronological order and are drawn from running spots within the Breaking Bad series. Therefore, it’s not immediately obvious when precisely each of El Camino’s flashbacks is taking place, but some telling evidences are provided, letting sees to connect the dots.

El Camino

El Camino shall begin with Jesse standing on a riverbank alongside Mike Ehrmantraut – a moderately jarring first persona considering Mike was killed by Walt in Breaking Bad’s final season. Before the public can properly begin to ponder how Mike could’ve survived, it happens that this scene is actually set within Breaking Bad’s timeline. Mike and Jesse discuss being “out” of the meth business, and what Jesse solely should do with his life next. It’s here that Pinkman first gets the idea of heading to Alaska. The two identifies too make a passing reference to a tragedy that can’t be made right, which is likely Todd’s murder of a young son who happened to sight the gang when they are gathered off a drill heist.

These clues would introduce El Camino’s opening background somewhere between season 5’s “Buyout” and the end of the following episode, “Say My Name.” Jesse is quitting his work with Walt due to the weight of the child’s death, so the panorama can’t happen any earlier than “Buyout” but Mike is killed by Walt at the end of “Say My Name.” Perhaps the most likely scenario is that the conversation takes lieu in the hours before Mike’s death, and that Jesse met up with him shortly before Walt’s rendezvous shut Mike’s fate.

Kandy Welding Co.

An increased El Camino flashback acquires creepy Todd Alquist take Jesse out of his cage for a daytime of eating soup and moving dead people. In some peculiar, changed way, the two end up bonding to a certain extent, but it’s absurd to flee the sense that Jesse is merely biding his time and deterring a mental record of all the reasons Todd deserves a good slap.

Jesse is first abducted by Jack’s gang towards the end of Breaking Bad, in season 5’s “Ozymandias” and is freed by Walt two incidents last-minute in the line finale, so Jesse and Todd’s excursion must take place at some pitch during this 3-episode distance. From Jesse’s beaten demeanor, “hairs-breadth” swelling and decision not to shoot Todd despite having a clear opportunity, it can be surmised that the meth concoct has been kept in captivity for relatively some time, and Todd also constitutes security threats that if Jesse tried to escape, “the little boy” would be killed. This is a reference to Brock, and it’s strongly implied that the kid’s mother, Andrea, is already dead by this pitch. This would narrow the placement of the situation down to between Breaking Bad’s final two incidents, most likely while Walter White is in exile.

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krysten ritter

While Jesse and Todd’s day trip most likely arises a little while after the penultimate “Granite State” episode, the representation in which Kandy Welding Co. are hired to reinforce Jesse’s series pulley almost certainly arises either during that episode’s timeline or very soon after it. In this flashback, Neil Kandy is paid by the Nazi gang to make sure Jesse can’t escape his bonds again. The first time Jesse managed to break free( via consume of a paperclip) came in “Granite State” and he was penalise by having to watch Andrea’s death. This initial attempt at naturalnes are set out in the El Camino flashback, and the added work to the pulley was surely put promptly afterwards to prevent any further instances of this nature.


Undoubtedly the most eagerly awaited and fiercely discussed flashback in El Camino considers the return of Bryan Cranston as Walter White, as he and Jesse enjoy the luxuries of a hotel before heading to a diner. The two business partners discuss their recent address and Walt reveals that he visualizes a bright future for Jesse, maybe as a business student at college.

Walt is bald in this sequence, and Jesse has a phone conversation in his hotel room in which he talks romantically with the person or persons on the other end and asks if they missed him. This flesh is almost certainly Jane Margolis, Jesse‘s first real affection interest in Breaking Bad. Jesse’s relationship with Jane plays out in season 2, from escapade 8( “Better Call Saul”) until Jane’s death in occurrence 12( Phoenix ), so El Camino’s diner flashback must occur at some phase during that period.

Since the RV can be recognized parked outside, the hotel and diner incidents probably slot in towards the episode of season 2’s one-ninth escapade, “Four Days Out, ” which would also account for the constant talk of hydrating and Jesse’s hungry appetite. During a mammoth cook session in the desert, Jesse and Walt get stranded and have to rely on crafty science to get them out of trouble. By the end of the occurrence, Walt and Jesse have met their acces residence, and El Camino’s flashback could testify the duo washing up and grabbing some food immediately after having returned from the wilderness. This would explain why Jesse reassures Walt that his family will get their share of the money in El Camino’s diner stage, despite saying exactly the same thing when Walt is drooped off at the end of “Four Days Out” – Jesse reaches the claim first while dining( in El Camino ), and reaffirms it as he says goodbye( in Breaking Bad ).

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El Camino’s other major objective cameo comes as Krysten Ritter reprises her capacity as Jane Margolis. Jane and Jesse take a road trip, during which they discuss their future and Jane discovers her deep desire to grab life with both hands and compile her own decisive steps, rather than simply disappearing where the universe takes her. Like the Walt flashback, this scene would have to take place between “Better Call Saul” and “Phoenix” in Breaking Bad season 2, since this is the height of Jesse and Jane’s romance. Unlike El Camino’s previous flashback, however, there’s very little to indicate exactly where during that point the road trip took place.

In theory, Jesse and Jane could’ve gone driving at almost any time, but in episode 11 of Breaking Bad’s second season( “Mandala”) Jesse suggests that he and Jane take a trip to a museum in Santa Fe. The gathering never witness the couple actually go on this drive, but the El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie flashback could be plugging the narrative gap.

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