Klymaxx – Best Of Klymaxx Live (Feat. Cheryl Cooley)

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Klymaxx is an American all-female band created, formed, and named by drummer/singer Bernadette Cooper after college. she came up with the name Klymaxx. Klymaxx’s uniqueness is due to the all-girl band’s ability to play instruments, and their sound was influential because of its comedic, women-power theme. Klymaxx’s original members are (vocalist, drummer, founder) Bernadette Cooper, (vocalist) Lorena Porter (Stewart), (guitarist) Cheryl Cooley, (keyboardists) Lynn Malsby, (keyboardist) Robbin Grider and later after the band signed to Solar Records, (bassist/vocalist) Joyce Irby was added. In 1981, Klymaxx were signed to Solar Records by Dick Griffey. Their debut album was entitled Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman. Upon beginning work on their second album, Klymaxx became one of the first acts to work with writers/producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis of The Time. The team wrote and produced many songs, including the song Wild Girls for their second album, entitled Girls Will Be Girls. Klymaxx remains the only female self-contained R&B/pop band to achieve platinum status.Read Less

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