DINOSAURS!!! Kid’s Book About the Ankylosaurus from the Cretaceous Period. (Awesome Facts & Pictures for Kids about Dinosaurs 8)

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Ankylosaurus! Ankylosaurs!!

By Nathanial E J Hogan Age 8, “DINOSAURS!!! Kid’s Book About the Ankylosaurus from the Cretaceous Period – Awesome Facts & Pictures for Kids about Dinosaurs” is an awesome non-fiction ebook with colourful pictures that look great on Kindles, Ipads, mobiles and many other tablet-style hand-held devices.

The facts are presented in easy to read ‘bite-sized’ sections accompanied by a picture to help children not only learn about Ankylosaurus, but to also enjoy reading about these famous armoured dinosaurs. A perfect way for kids of all ages to learn.

“…Ankylosaurus..” is also great for parents to read to children who are not yet ready to read for themselves. This gives parents a great opportunity to discuss their children’s favourite subject with them and to explain things further.

Dinosaurs have always stimulated the imagination of kids and what better way to start your kids’ interest in dinosaurs than with this easy to read guide with dinosaur pictures. They’ll be roaring with delight!

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