Dinosaurs! A Kids Book About Dinosaurs Fun Facts and Dinosaur Pics

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Children’s author Ethan Thomas presents “Dinosaurs! A Kids Book About Dinosaurs”. This book uses beautiful, full color illustrations and easy to understand paragraphs to capture your child’s imagination and to help stimulate a real love of learning.

Whether your Kindle displays only black and white images, or has full color capabilities, this book will captivate and entertain your son or daughter.

In all, eleven ‘Great Lizards’ are explore including:
* Giganotosaurus
* Velociraptors
* Protoceratops
* Tyrannosaurus Rex
* Triceratops
* Pterodactyl
* Brachiosaurus
* Diplodocus
* Kentrosaurus
* Stegosaurus
* Plateosaurus

Currently set at a low promotional price for the holidays, “Dinosaurs! A Kids Book About Dinosaurs” is exclusively available on Amazon and can be instantly downloaded and read by children that have already learned to read by themselves and by parents looking for a great introduction to dinosaurs that they can read to younger kids!

eTrafficLane Social Marketing

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