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Cougar Revenger Wired USB Optical Gaming Mouse with 12,000 DPI, Black (CGR-WOMI-REV)

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Revenger 12,000 DPI Optical gaming mouse. Cougar revenger gaming mouse is cougar’s newest take on what the ultimate gaming mouse should be. Starting with its state-of-the-art pmw 3360 sensor, which brings unrivalled accuracy and consistent performance, every single detail in this piece of gaming High technology has been designed to optimize your gaming performance. Cougar revenger’s pmw 3360 sensor is the ultimate refinement of a respected sensor lineage, and it shows in its performance. Consistency and accuracy are the two keywords that Define revenger’s sensor behavior. The ability to fine Tune its DPI level up to 12,000 DPI will allow you to enjoy its unrivaled precision on a wide range of situations and screens, from laptops to massive multi-screen and 4k setups. Cougar revenger brings you all the functionality you will ever need for gaming. Its 6 buttons allow you to access, using only the mouse, up to 21 different functions, including macros, shortcuts and more. With carefully located buttons, including the unique trigger button, using all this extended functionality will become natural, almost instinctive. Cougar’s UIX system will help you to easily and intuitively manage all this power so that you can get the most of it. Finally, revenger’s on-board storage will allow you to store up to 3 full configuration profiles and bring them with you anywhere you go. With revenger, you’re not restricted to a mouse Pad anymore. Its advanced tracking technology will allow you to perform at High levels even on Wooden or steel surfaces. A functional spectacle.Multi-color backlight system (2 zone RGB)

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