Best Spy USB Sound Recorder – 8GB Voice Recording Device – Hidden Digital Audio Recorder – No Flashing Light When Recording – Mac/Windows – Mini Dictaphone for car, work and home, One ON/OFF button

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2 in One – Voice Recorder & 8 GB Memory Stick (USB Flash Drive). It looks like only a USB drive, but it’s also a recording device. No one will think that you are making a recording when you put this on the table during a conversation.

Easy to Use. You have to only switch one button to start/stop recording.

– Audio File Format: WAV
– All recording time space: about 96 hours
– Recording time: about 10 hours on a single charge
– Battery charging time: max 1 hours
– Recording distance: Up to 15 feet (4-5 meters)
– Most flash drive voice recorders you can find on the market record the sound in poor 32kbps. Our flash drive records sound in high quality of 192kbps and lasts up to 10hrs!
– Support system: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10/OS MAC.
– 2 in 1 combination: 8 GB Memory Stick + SPY Voice Recording
– No software installation required.
– For professionals and students
The Tammano USB Secret (Spy) Voice Recorder can help you with recording:
doctor appointments
bank appointments
music lessons
language lessons
but also…
to check your partner faithfulness – we hope it will not be necessary!
conversation with friends or with your boss
You can have proof what you said when you have an argument or want to prove your right.

Now You Can Have SECOND BRAIN. You can storage all important information in this one small device.

The amount of information you need to know in today’s world is overwhelming.
Record all important information you need on this small, discreet and very useful recorder.2 IN ONE – Voice Recorder Device & Memory Stick (USB Flash Drive) – 8 GB memory is enough to record about 96 hours. Max 17 hour continuous recording time on one battery charge. Max 1 hour charge time. Not only works as audio recorder, but also can be used as a regular USB flash drive

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