The Biggest Migration Since The Barbarian Invasions Of Rome (Is Not Where You Think)

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International Man: Former Libyan leader Muammar Ghaddafi once warned that “Europe lopes the risk of turning black from illegal migration … it could turn into Africa.”

Since the United Position and NATO helped oust Ghaddafi in 2011, millions of migrants from Africa and the Countries of the middle east have run into Europe. Many transited from Libya.

This is all well known, and all indicates point to this trend accelerating. What’s your take on where this is going?

Doug Casey: First, it’s a pity Ghaddafi was taken out. Another fatal US policy decision. Not that he was a nice guy–no one feeing an artificially fabricated nation-state can be. But it was at least a stable statu. Now it’s been replaced by a brutal and costly war. And it’s terminated chaos. Nice work Hillary and Obama. But let’s talk about Africa at large.

Africa, or at least migration in and out of Africa, is going to be the epicenter of what’s happening in the world for the rest of this century.

Africa has get from being only an empty space on the planned in the 19 thcentury, to a assortment of backwater colonies in the 20 th century, to a knot of chaotic flunked states that most people are only vaguely aware of today. Soon, nonetheless, it will be continuing front-page news. This is because Chinese are moving to Africa in record figures while Africans are leaving as fast as they can.

What we’re looking at is actually the biggest migration since the barbarian takeovers of the Roman Empire. There will be tens of millions–scores of millions–of Africans trying to get into Europe. I don’t know how the Europeans will keep them out. I used to say Europe was going to be a petting zoo for the Chinese, but it may be more of a squatter’s camp for the Africans.

Africa is the only part of the world where the population is still thriving and growing rapidly. Africa south of the Sahara was about 6% of the world’s population in the ’5 0s , now it’s about 16%. But by the turn of the century, it’s going to be 45%. Assuming there isn’t some kind of catastrophe. It’s not clear that the Africans can stretch sufficient food for billions more people.

In fact, if the West stops supporting the continent with capital and technology, it could be in for very tough times. Wakanda, the country in “Black Panther”, doesn’t exist. To the contrary, the continent is full of Gondwana lookalikes. Gondwana is where most of the action takes arrange in Speculator, the fiction John Hunt and I wrote. It’s the first of seven in the High Ground series.

Few parties realise how fast the population is growing, and things are changing in Africa. I ask knowledgeable people what the fuck is imagine the most prominent metropolitans in the world will be at the turn of the next century. They all guess municipals in China or India.

But that’s not true. Eighty times from now, Lagos, Nigeria, will be the largest city in the world. It’s on track to have a population of more than 90 million. The world’s second biggest municipal will be Kinshasa in the Congo with about 80 million people. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, will be the world’s third biggest city with local populations of approximately 75 million people. It’s quite amazing. When I firstly saw Dar in the early ’8 0s, it was a quiet, strange seaport with aged tramp steamers in the harbor.

Now all those people have cell phones, and they’re well aware of the fact that the standard of living is vastly higher in Europe and every other part of the world than in Africa. And they’re well aware of the fact that there are welfare benefits of all types if they can get to Europe.

There are hundreds of NGOs encouraging Africans to come across the Mediterranean to Europe. Or for that matter, flying them to the US. Exactly who paid the airfare and law and living expenses of the 200,000 penniless Somalis who were transplanted to Minnesota?

It’s a growing tidal wave. With the European person diminishing and the African person originating, you’re going to see Europe basically taken under by Africa in the next various generations.


International Man: What we don’t hear so much better about is the big movement of the Chinese to Africa that’s taking place.

Doug, you’ve expended a lot of time in Africa. What’s going on with all this?

Doug Casey: We’re seeing a veritable recolonization of Africa. Each duration I inspect Africa, there are more Chinese. It doesn’t matter which country; they’re everywhere.

Rich Chinese are smart-alecky to diversify to developed Western countries. Poor Chinese go to backward countries to try to become wealthy. Africa is the prime recipient.

It’s supposed to be official Chinese policy to migrate about 300 million Chinese to Africa in the years to come. They’re employed in building superhighways, railroads, ports, pits, and other infrastructure. It’s partly driven by their Belt and Road Initiative.

The Chinese are lending billions to African governments. African governments are, by an order of magnitude, the most corrupt in the world. And the people who run these African governments are being well compensated for building deals with the Chinese. And in effect, selling out their countrymen. All these governments is fraught with parties trying to be “Mister 10%. ”

The worst case for them is to retire as centimillionaires, to live high-pitched off the swine in France or Switzerland. So, they’ve got nothing to lose. It’s a reasonably unstoppable vogue at this point.

Regardless of how much is stolen, nonetheless, I expect the Chinese are going to want the money they lent to the Africans back, with interest.

If bribing or terrorizing political leaders proves ineffective in get it back, it’s possible that they’ll threw soldiers’ boots on the dirt. They could send in the People’s Liberation Army( PLA) to defend their assets. Or send in executioners to take out recalcitrant African politicians.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find the PLA in Africa in the years to come, physically compiling on those debts. And to make it easier for them, they’re “il be going” was well received by lots of Chinese already there.

It will be interesting to see what happens when a couple hundred million Chinese are living with a radically expanding native African population.

If the Africans were unhappy with European colonization, I think they’re is gonna be very, very unhappy with the Chinese colonization. The Chinese will not be “inclusive” and PC like today’s Westerners. It has the makings of a scoot fighting a generation or so in the future.

International Man: What about Africa arouses the right of the Chinese?

Doug Casey: It’s important to remember that Africa doesn’t produce anything besides raw materials–and beings. There’s close to zero manufacturing–like 1% of the world’s total–in sub-Saharan Africa. And nearly all of that is in South Africa.

The Chinese consider Africans as no more than a cheap and expendable labor source. That’s at best. Other than that, they’re viewed as a complete nuisance. Mostly an obstacle–a cost–standing in the way of efficient use of the resources of the continent itself.

What do the Chinese beings think of Africans? They don’t hold them in high regard. Of direction, you’ve got to remember that China has contemplated itself as the center of the world since Day One. They experience all non-Han people as brutes, as inferiors.

That was absolutely true when the British sent an ambassador, Macartney, to open relations following the end of the 18 th century. He was treated with borderline contempt–pretty much the channel Europeans and Americans have considered primitive races since the working day of Columbus.

It’s actually the normal human attitude when an advanced culture meetings a backward culture. The Chinese find their culture as superior to even that of the West and believe–probably correctly–that they’ll soon be economically and technologically superior as well.

International Man: If China comes to dominate Africa and its resources, what does that mean for its antagonism with the US?

Doug Casey: Well, the US government is basically bankrupt at this object. The only thing that the US exports in length is US dollars. And sometime soon, the Chinese, the Russians, the Malaysians, the Iranians, and the Indians, among others, won’t need or require US dollars. They don’t want to accept them now, because it’s an asset of their adversary or even their antagonist. They’re unhappy about having to settle histories in dollars that all have to clear through New York.

So, they’re going to come up with their own alternative. And I suppose they’re going to use gold. Why? Because they don’t trust each other’s paper monies. And why should they?

How’s the United Nation going to react to that?

It’s going to be left out in the cold. No one needs or wants their dollars–they requirement and need real goods , not the paper obligations of a unfriendly, erratic, bankrupt authority. Too, the US isn’t in a position to export parties, except for some unwelcome soldiers. The Chinese are in an excellent position to export a duo hundred million give parties. The bottom line is that the Chinese are going to take over Africa financially, and they’re going to take it over demographically as well.

International Man: What various kinds of speculative possibilities do you think this trend will create?

Doug Casey: Well, I’ve often said that if I were 30 years old today and just wanted to make my luck, I is certainly go to Africa. The ground for that is that you don’t want to be on a grade playing field. You want to be on a province tilted in your counseling as much as possible.

If a young Westerner goes to Africa and travelings around, he’ll find it quite easy to move with the top levels of society. Because he’s singular. And parties are interested in things that are surprising. The knowledge that you’re a Westerner means that you’ve probably associated with people who have much more money, much more sophistication, much more knowledge than any of the locals do. You have peculiar advantages in Africa. If a young Westerner stays at home, nonetheless, he has no marginal advantages.

It’s very hard to vault yourself to the top in a Western society, because there are tens of millions of parties just like you with the same education, background, and abilities.

But in Africa, you’re automatically on the top of the stack. And you’re palpable. So, it’s a great place to go for entrepreneurial reasons.

At the same time, I don’t thoughts Africa is a place to invest unless you’ve got the PLA standing behind you. It’s a arrange for a hit-and-run type of entrepreneurialism. Or perhaps political entrepreneurialism.

As corrupt as Africa is, the course almost everybody attains fund is by going hooked up with the government. And that’s possible to do. You could go to any number of African countries, hang out there for a month, and be sitting down with the president.

That’s not going to happen if you try to do the same thing in North America or Europe or for that matter even South America or Asia.

International Man: If you two are 30 years old and looking for opportunity in Africa, what countries in particular would you be most interested in?

Doug Casey: Well, I wouldn’t jump off the deep end at first. Don’t go to a target like Nigeria to start. Nor is South Africa ideal for this purpose. It’s extremely developed, and there are too many people of European descent–although that’s changing. White people are acquiring what the Rhodesians called “the chicken run” and for the same reasons. There’s too much anti-white racism in South africans, and besides, the economy is going into reverse.

I would go to a country like Namibia, which is large, empty, and reasonably mellowed. I is certainly look at Mozambique. Or Mauritania–a huge country, where nobody departs. Sao Tome and Principe, an fog island country off the west coast. If you’re adventurous, the Central African Republic, which is probably the most backward country in Africa.


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